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Shakespeare Tavern, Rewrite

Went to see Henry IV part I at the Shakespeare Tavern yesterday. It was amazing. The Falstaff parts overshadowed the political bits, as is to be expected. They have an incredible Falstaff, the same actor who plays the part in Merry Wives of Windsor. I'm pretty sure he's their "standard" for that role.

Normally, the histories aren't my favorite of ole Bill's works, but the Tavern did an incredible job bringing to life the characters, which is really the truly interesting part, seeing the development of Prince Hal.

I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Henry IV part II next month.

Writing stats:
Got a rewrite request from the Critter who's putting together an online showcase. I did a cursory look over of the piece before I submitted it to him, but after I got his rewrite suggestions (mostly tightening), I cracked it open with new eyes. I haven't really read the story since I completed it and started sending it out, around a year+ ago. My writing skills have improved a lot since I wrote that story. It definitely needs streamlining and a rigorous spit polish. Rolled up my sleeves when we got back from the play and started digging in. I plan to dedicate a good portion of today to it.

But he sounded pretty interested in taking the piece, pending my rewrite. I'm quite pleased.

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