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This week

Well this week has been chok-full of ups and downs.


1. Sold a story. (RAH!)
2. Finished the first draft of a folk taley short story. Not real thrilled with it, but it was fun to write.
4. Got a promotion at work (caCHING!)
5. Started a new story which I think has great potential. Assuming I can pummel my muse into letting me finish it.


Matthew went in for an MRI on Monday. His back has not recovered from when he threw it out (from an apparent over-indulgance of fun at Fantasm) and the doctors wanted to scan him to see what the deal was. Results came in. He's got a herniated disk. Yup. His back's officially fucked.

We're looking into treatment options now, expecting a call back from a neurosurgeon-type. And they prescribed a barrage of pain pills and muscle relaxants which I will be heading out to pick up at the pharmacy shortly. He's under strict doctor's orders neither to bend nor to lift.

Why can't it just be all goodness and sugar for a change?

I hope they can fix his back. But backs just don't fix easily. Wah!

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