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Week in Review

This week:

Saw Kill Bill. It was bloody. Very, very bloody. I was reminded of that scene in the Addams Family movie where Wednesday and Pugsly are doing a fight scene for their school recital and fake blood spurts out and covers the front rows of stunned audience members. But I still liked it. It was escapist; it was shallow; it was superficial. Fun! And I'm a big fan of Lucy Liu. And of Uma Thurman, for that matter.

Writing stats:

Alchemy sent me a form reject. All I ever get from them is that damned form. Pffft.

Slowly dying as I continue to wait for word from On Spec and the rewrite verdicts from Cricket. It's sort of a writerly Catch 22. While I don't know for sure that the answer's a "no," I have hope. But it's killing me not knowing. Actually, there's a Schroedinger's Cat aspect to that. While the SASE in the mailbox is unopened, the letter inside is both a rejection and an acceptance. Hah.

1000 words on a brand new SF piece. Abandoning both the magic realism story and the novel . . . for now. I just realized that I haven't written any SF this year, only Fantasy, Horror, and Slipstream. But my momentum petered out after the first 1K. Extremely annoying.

In a fit of ire, I also started a fairy tale, thinking I might be able to jiggle some cooperation out of my muse that way. Nope. 500 words and then a big ole brick wall.

So then I shined up an old piece that needed tightening. This is the one I'll send to the showcase I mentioned in my last entry if I get confirmation that it'll be a "for pay" gig. It's a light, silly romp of a SF story that I've had a hard time placing but that I'm fond of.

AND *drum roll please* I finished in one day a 3700-word fantasy piece. Nearly in one sitting! One of my fellow Critters is starting a literary online project and he wanted my opinion, so I went and browsed his site. It triggered my muse (Callooh Callay!). Very, very happy to have hit flow. I've been pumping out words, but it's been like squeezing Mountain Dew out of granite.

Going to have Matthew first reader it, then debate whether I'll toss it up on Critters or send it straight to my fellow Critter for consideration in his project. (Yes, it's a paying gig.) What I think I'll do is send it to him, and if he can't use it, then send it through Critters before sending it to the usual suspects.

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