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Sleep cycles, hot tubbing, and the state of the small press

My sleep cycle is royally messed up. On Thursday I tipped over early in the evening and slept for twelve hours straight, and yesterday I fell asleep at 7:30 in the evening and woke up three hours later, stayed up with Matthew until two AM and then slept until seven this morning. What's up with that? But I woke up feeling rested and perky this morning, even if it was at seven, so I guess, hey, whatever works.

I do love the weather. It's perfect for hot tubbing! Matthew and I have been lounging in swirly jacuzzi water a lot recently. Very soothing. And Hobkin is a total fluff ball. The white in his coat has taken on these shiny highlights so that he almost gleams in certain lighting.

Found out that two markets, Grimoire and Leng!, folded before putting out their first issues. Annoying because I had submissions at both places, but considering their total lack of response, I'm not surprised. And now at least I can put the stories back in circulation.

Overall, this is not a good time for small presses. With Demonic folding, and Catalyst in financial straits, there's been a lot of fallout on various message boards. Makes me leery about submitting to small press anthologies. I dunno.

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