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Writing not so much and a death in the extended family

Found out that one of Hobkin's godmother's skunks died today. It's heartbreaking. She's extremely dedicated to her skunks (obviously, as we trust Hobkin to stay with her when we're away, and she is, after all, his godmother), spent every day and night at her ailing skunk's side, trying to nurse him back to health, barely eating or sleeping herself. She's devastated. We'll send a card or flowers or something, but I wish there was something more we could do. Hobkin's godmother is a really wonderful person. It's always terrible to lose someone you love.

Writing stats:
Twenty-seven critiques from Critters on my dark fantasy offering. They were pretty positive, all in all. I'm actually a little surprised at how positive the overall consensus turned out to be. Well, good. Rewrite complete, and out into the world it goes.

From the flurry of queries last week:
2 sales
1 reject
1 form "we no longer take email submissions, if this was a query, please ignore this automatic note"
1 dead silence

Not bad numbers, considering.

Found out that one of the people in my Critter Litter writing group won 2nd place in the WotF. I'm very, very excited for her. Green with jealousy too.

No new word countage happening of late. Been too busy this past weekend with my mother's visit to get any writing done, and have been lazing about all this week. Hope to start up on the productivity side of things again soon. I think this is the first time this year that I haven't had something in the Critters queue.


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