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Happy Mabon!

It's the Autumnal Equinox! Happy Mabon!

Had a very hard time waking up and getting going this morning. Brain felt like it was stuck in a haze of peat moss. Needed coffee to get past the stare-blankly-at-monitor phase of my workaday. And I could still barely function on any sort of reasonable level.

Fortunately, it was a slow day at work. No fires to put out; no emergencies hurtling my way.

New word count: 0 Dammit.

Hobkin is shedding. There's fur everywhere. Everywhere! I guess he's getting ready to put on his winter coat. He's already gained some winter weight, which worries me as we're trying to get him to lose a pound or so. Skunks are notoriously prone to obesity and Hobkin is looking a bit more bottom heavy these days than is healthy.

He was quite restless yesterday. I think he was bored or didn't know what to do with himself. He'd hop onto the couch to cuddle next to me for a few minutes, and just as I thought he was nodding off, he'd jump up, leap off the couch, and go trundling around the living room. Then after a minute or so of that, he'd hop back up on the couch with me. Silly fuzzwit.

I often worry about his general happiness. Matthew and I decided to have only one skunk so we could focus our attention on him and he would bond with us. There are complications to having multiple pets, not the least of which is introducing them to each other and the possibility of incompatible personalities, fighting, jealousy, etc. Plus there are times when it's all we can do to keep Hobkin out of mischief. Doubling the number of rambling skunks would be overwhelming and might result in them being locked away for periods of time. As it is now, we spend a lot of time at home and most of that time Hobkin is with us. He's usually being cuddled in my lap or arms, or sleeping curled up at my side, so he gets plenty of human attention. But I still wonder if he'd like a skunk playmate.

I dunno. We're sticking with our one pet resolution, but I really hope Hobkin isn't lonely. We're taking him to a skunk show next month. We'll see how he handles that experience. I'm already more than a little trepidatious about it.

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