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Vaguely disturbing dream

I had a dream last night, actually it was this morning as I was still in it when my alarm went off. It was odd and I'm left blinky and off-put.

I dreamed that Matthew and I were adopting three children, siblings. Now, anyone that knows anything about us knows that we've got zero (sheering into negative) interest in owning or otherwise caregiving to a juvenile human, so this is a pretty bizarre scenario.

The children were a girl, aged 8, a boy aged 10, and some unknown middle child, age indeterminate, ditto gender. Matthew was grumpy at adopting them and I was appalled, but we decided to make the best of it. So I started administering IQ tests to them with the idea of establishing a baseline so that we could begin manipulating their environmental stimuli and doing case studies on their respective progress.


Okay, as far as dreams go, it's not particularly psychedelic or symbolic or anything, but it has left me with a really weird outlook on the day.

Not to mention it triggered memories of administering IQ tests to children when I was in graduate school working on my Dev. Psych. degree.

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