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Vivid dreams, writing progress

Monday kicked my ass at work again. Tipped over on the couch early last night and woke up to Matthew handing the phone to me. It was my mother calling from China. Between the wretched overseas connection and me being dazed from waking from a sound sleep, I don't remember much of the conversation. Except she wants us to make hotel arrangements for her visit.

Not sure if that triggered it or if it was just not my night for peaceful slumber, but when I went back to sleep, my nightscape was filled with really disturbing, really vivid dreams. Nothing horrifying or nightmarish, just unpleasant. Yuck. I hate that unsettled, surreal feeling in the morning after a night of freaky dreams. Morning is when the dreams go away, dammit.

In better news, my muse has returneth--with a vengeance even. Did about 3500 words on the novel. Yes, the novel. I've got the whole thing outlined, but I can't gauge how long it's going to be. I'm into chapter ten out of twenty-five, which would seem to indicate about halfway with 20K words solidly in the bag, but the major plot complications are yet to come. It feels more like I'm a third or even a quarter of the way into it. I dunno. It's going to be shortish as novels go in any case, unless I'm really underestimating chapters eleven through twenty-five, which I probably am.

I need less speculation on the novel's structure and more writing, dammit. This is very different from writing short stories. 3.5K words would be the bulk of a short story and this was just a bitty-teeny plot/character development portion. It doesn't help that I suspect the new word countage is mostly crap. I hit flow so didn't bother going over my initial words-on-page, which are usually extremely raw. I need several passes of my internal editor before my prose even approaches zero draft status. I'm a bit anxious about how bad it probably is since I haven't produced anything new since Dragon*Con. But, at least I got words on the page.

Also finished the rewrite of my "squicky" story and it's out. Cut about two hundred words and added in a touch more dialogue for clarity. Let's see if I can sell this baby. Fly, my little one! Fly!

I'm making writing progress. Rah.

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