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On Spec hopes

On Spec has had one of favorite stories since late March. I finally got my courage up to query them on Monday--after all if I've been biting my nails and obsessively checking my mailbox for six months, I'd really like to know if it even got to them--and they inform me that yes they got it, and yes it's still under consideration. The general editor even said that "no news was good news" and apologized for the long wait.

Gleep. Trying desperately hard to keep my hopes reined in. On Spec has quarterly reading periods and a sort of committee editorial process, although according to their website, consensus isn't necessary to buy a story. But what that means is the longer a story is held by them, the more seriously it's being considered as it makes the rounds from editor to editor.

I would LOVE for On Spec to buy this story. Aside from the obvious "woohoo, another sale" thing, I'm extremely fond of this one, and On Spec is the premiere Canadian Spec Fic magazine. They're a wonderful publication with a prestigious history. It'd be such a wonderful home for my little tale. My fingers are so tightly crossed they're turning blue.


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