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Art Show, B&N, Casablanca

Went to Robert Walker's son's art opening last night. It was way cool. I'd never been to the Dragon & Phoenix before. It's a huge new-agey bookstore with candles and incense and neat crafty stuff in it. Aside from re-meeting Robert Walker (and having him take my picture), I also had a chance to gab with renowned author Mitchell Graham and his lovely fiancée. They live just fifteen minutes or so away in Marietta! Hope to get a chance to chat with them again sometime soon.

I was rather in awe of the august company I was in, what with Robert having so many books out and Michell talking about his book deal with Spielberg and how he was being courted by Putnam or Harper-Collins and whatnot. Sigh. One day I too will have a mega book deal with a major publishing house . . . yeah, right.

So, to bolster my ego, afterward we drove to Barnes & Noble where I zipped to the SF shelves to hunt for Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown. And there it was! Nestled between Orson Scott Card's Wyrms and Enchantment! Of course, I did what any writer would do and pulled it from its spine-showing configuration and turned it face-out so I could admire it properly. It really does have a beautiful cover.

My first book presence at a major brick-n-mortar bookstore. I feel like I should've brought a camera. Warm-glowyness.

Went home then and watched one of Matthew's birthday DVDs: Casablanca. That movie really is amazing. It gets better and better each time I see it and find something new to admire.

A very nice Saturday. Today, I think there will be vegging on the couch. I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and we ate half of them. I believe that makes us obligated to eat the other half today.

It's turning out to be a very nice weekend. Too short, of course, but aren't they always?

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