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"Writing for Anthologies" panel at Dragon*Con

Back from Dragon*Con. Still dazed and stunned from not enough sleep. Longer, more coherent update later.

Nancy Knight, the director of the Writers Track, was great and let the Phobos squad squeeze onto the "Writing for Anthologies" panel on Sunday. Despite being terrified (and the room was full!) I think it went pretty well.

I was on a panel with Robert Asprin, Janny Wurts, and Sherrilyn Kenyon! Plus Ann Crispin called a break during her Advanced Writers Workshop to swing by with members of my DC2K writing group to give me moral support.

Anyway, pix:

From left to right:
Lawrence Barker, Robert Asprin, James Maxey (Phobos novelist and contest winner), Keith Olexa (Phobos in-house editor), me, Janny Wurts.

Check out the books in front of Keith. They're James' Phobos novel Nobody Gets the Girl and Pixeltown.

It was a very full panel. Wendy Webb moderated but I'm not sure if Matthew got a pic with her in it.

Me, Janny Wurts, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Me and Janny Wurts laughing at something Robert Asprin said.

I also sold a stack of Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown in the ten minutes after the panel. I'm so glad I thought to bring a bunch of them with me. Keith brought my contributor's copies with him to the con so I had a mess of them to sell. They're gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. And I got to autograph them! Rah!

Too tired to type. Sleep now.

But before I forget, wanted to give mad props to fahkingnut and terracinque for volunteering to staff the Daily Dragon. You guys rawk!

Must. Sleep. Now.

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