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Day After/The Quiet Ward at Shocklines

Went out to eat at "Little China" the re-named "Sam's Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant" for Matthew's birthday dinner and then came home for cake. My cakes never look pretty. They usually taste just fine, but they always end up looking lopsided. Matthew commented that the ancient Egyptians would have liked my cake as it resembled some of their earlier pyramid building efforts. Grumf.

I gave Matthew a bunch of DVDs for his birthday: The Complete Alec Guinness Collection, the Special Edition Casablanca set, and Soylent Green. dude_the got Matthew The Princess Bride (via UPS to arrive on time). It was a big DVD birthday for my hubby.

We watched the Alec Guinness movie The Ladykillers. Hilarious. I giggled and giggled right out loud. I've only seen that film once at Matthew's parents over the holidays several years ago. I'd mostly forgotten it so it was a rediscovery.

There's wrapping paper shredded and strewn across the living room. Hobkin wanted to "help". He's quite fond of tearing up paper. He also got a bit of tape stuck to his whiskers and went around rubbing his face against the couch, me, and the corners of the room, trying to get it off. Silly animal. Of course it just stuck harder. I had to catch him and pull it off.

dude_the's plane comes in late tonight. So many things to do before then . . .

This seemed fitting:

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I just went out to check on the status of The Quiet Ward and they say that they're "Out of Stock" but that more have been ordered and are on the way. Holy shit. It just came out last week. What does that mean? Is it selling really well or do they just keep a limited stock at Shocklines? Either way, I'm getting antsy about getting my contributor's copy. Can't wait to see it.

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