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End-of-Week Musings/Happy Birthday Matthew

It's a three-weeker on Critters since Andrew (the Critter-herder) is going to be away at Torcon. Glad I used my MPC to bump my "squicky" story up the queue, although now I wonder if it would have made it into the current batch anyway. Oh well, not something worth fretting about.

I'm about 2000 words into a new slipstream/magic realism tale. I'm not sure where to take it. Part of me is totally inspired by Bradbury and I want to write something that's beautiful and soothing and uplifting. But another part of me keeps wanting to make the story a little darker, a little harder-edged than that. After dwelling upon it for a couple days, I'm leaning towards going with my darker inclinations, but at the same time I want to keep a tone of soft serenity. Tricky tricky.

Today is Matthew's birthday! I baked a cake (it still needs frosting) and there are prezzies to be opened. dude_the is flying in tomorrow. He's staying with us all next week through Dragon*Con. Hurray for company and weekend fun! Except I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to devote to this new story before the convention. I'd like to finish it before things become insane with D*C. Afterwards, I'm going to be pretty zombified and in heavy recovery mode, if past experience is anything to go by. My muse tends to curl up in a corner with a big "Do Not Disturb" sign around her neck for weeks after something as intense as Dragon*Con. I'd like not to set this story down and have it get lost and unfinished because I really like what I've got so far. We'll see. I have picked up stories that I've lost the momentum on before, but they tend to be the exception rather than the rule. Maybe I can sneak in some writing time during this weekend's AM hours when everyone else will be asleep.

Going to start doping Hobkin on Rescue Remedy today so that he doesn't freak out as much with dude_the invading "his" territory. Also want to give him a bath. That's always an adventure. Hobkin was a total cuddlefuzz yesterday night, crawling up beside me on the couch where I'd fallen asleep and wedging himself in my arms. Except then he woke up at around 3am and jumped down (of course waking me in the process). I stumbled off to bed, but he decided to run amuck. Poor Matthew stayed up with him rather than locking him away until I woke up, several hours later, to get ready for work and feed him (Hobkin, not Matthew) his breakfast. To say that Matthew was a bit groggy is a bit of an understatement. But hey, at least the weekend is finally here!

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