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1000 words on the Dark Fantasy story with the aid of a little caffeine. Zero draft completed; fork poised. Going to have Matthew first-reader it and then up to Critters it goes. I'm not terribly excited about this one. I wrote it just to get the words from log jamming in my head and I think it shows. I'd contemplate not subbing this one to markets, but I just can't tell which stories of mine will appeal to an editor. My favorite pieces are still making the rounds, and stories that I thought were just fun ditties are selling to pro-markets on their first jaunt out. I just can't figure the vagaries of the publishing industry.

Used my spare MPC to bump my "squicky" story up the Critters queue. It should be going up tomorrow.

Completed the re-write on my "weird" story. Out into the world it goes. It's still weird, but I took out some of the references that puzzled people the most and toned down the early surreal elements. Chopped about three hundred words from the final count. The end's still exceptionally surreal, but I like it. I do, however, think that I'll put a little distance between me and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. for a while.

Been reading The Vintage Bradbury, a collection of some of Ray Bradbury's best earlier works. It's both uplifting and depressing. On the one hand, his writing is beautiful, poetic, and evocative without being a downer like a lot of Harlan Ellison's work is (which is also beautiful, poetic, and evocative, just in an angry-bloody sort of way). But on the other hand, I'm feeling a whole heap of despair on the "I'm not worthy" front. Will I ever be able to write even a fraction as well as Bradbury? It's dispiriting is what it is. I keep telling myself that the man worked at his writing, worked hard at it. Still does. But then I read "Dandelion Wine" or "The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit" and I just can't believe that I'll ever be even close to having his mastery of prose.

And I'm bummed that Bradbury can't make Dragon*Con. I'm glad that I got to see him those several years ago at our first Dragon*Con, but I was really looking forward to having the opportunity to meet him this year.


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