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Happy Left Hander's Day!

I'm not left-handed but Matthew is. I'm going to bake some cookies in observance of the holiday.

Writing Stats:

26 crits on Critters for my "weird" story. Need to dwell on the various comments for a day or so and then start on the rewrite. I'm not sure yet if I want to do a major overhaul on this tale, or just do some tweaks. Got comments across the board from "loved it" to "didn't work for me."

The countdown to Horrorfind Weekend continues. The Quiet Ward debuted at number 8 on the Advance Order Bestseller list. Neat.

In less good news, an anthology market that had short-listed one of my stories was cancelled. Details are sketchy, but it sounds like the two co-editors had a falling out and scrapped the project. Dagnabit. Out it goes again, although I really thought this anthology was a good fit. Another tongue-in-cheek writing "milestone" is when a writer "kills" a market. Wonder if this counts as my kill?

Made some progress on the new Dark Fantasy story, about 1000 words. I'm still flogging myself for even writing the damn thing since if I finish this story it'll be the third incarnation of this theme I've written. But the words keep coming, so I keep typing. Stupid muse.

Actually, Matthew and I were talking last night and discussing art and the revisiting of themes. I feel a little better rehashing old territory knowing that some of the great painting masters did the same thing with their work.

And hey, Roger Zelazny wrote the same novel over and over again, so why can't I?

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