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Sale to Paradox!

Dancing in the streets! I just sold "The Tiger Fortune Princess" to PARADOX Magazine!! "Tiger Fortune" is another fairy tale, a Chinese re-telling of Snow White. At this rate, I'm beginning to seriously think about compiling a collection of my fairy tales and seeing if I can't get an agent to tout them around to publishing houses.

Dwell upon that later. For now: Another pro sale! Woo!

The editor gave me two publication options. "Tiger Fortune" can either be in the PDF issue that prints in January (#4), or I can wait until July or September of next year and be in a print one (#6 or #7). With this mag, they do three print issues and one PDF. Normally I much prefer print to any electronic medium, but September is a long time to wait. Plus I get paid on publication.

Hmm. Ponder ponder ponder.

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