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Geek = Me

I am such an uber geek. I got this total thrill when I saw that the editor of The Asylum's website has been updated with a list of stories he's accepted for The Quiet Room already, and I'm on it.

Guess that's why I fixate so much on getting published, the adrenalin thrill of seeing my name in print, even if it's just a byline so far. Wooeee! It's better than clonazepam.

Hmm. . . . except he spelled the title of my story wrong. It's "The Reign of the Wintergod" with "Wintergod" being one word, not two. Ah well, an easy fix to make in the galley proof stage of development.

Edit: I'm going to be published alongside Kealan Patrick Burke, Don D'Ammassa, Jack Fisher, and Edo van Belkom. Meep!

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