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Sunday update

The Dragon*Con staff meeting was yesterday. Bruce Boxleitner canceled from D*C because he got a job that conflicts with the timing. Understandable but unfortunate.

We almost filled our Daily Dragon staff dearth, but the guy who we snagged got dragged to a different department by his friends. It's his first convention--not just his first Dragon*Con--and he's worried about getting lost and overwhelmed, which is understandable, and wants to stick close to his friends this year. But still, pook. It does sound likely that we'll get him next year. He's published a book and wants to do something involving writing for the con. Unfortunately, that means we're still down a staff member. Dangit.

Joe (director of the Con Suite) was handing out these jumbo tubes of pixie stix powder. Mmm. Sugar high. He's always giving away such wonderful things: sugar, caffeine, food. And he ordered extra cases of Amp this year. Hurray for Joe! Amp is what kept me going for large portions of D*C last year.

Got a sneak-peek of the backstage pass artwork (drawn by dire_epiphany). Very cool! Can't wait to see the passes when they're done.

Came home and watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit and promptly fell asleep about halfway through it. My sleep cycles are totally messed up.

Hobkin's in my lap, totally being a comatose fuzzalump and I'm almost out of coffee in my glass. Trying to figure out how to pour a refill without disturbing the fuzzhead. Heh.

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