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Saturday post-fireworks, web development, Trading Places, Angel, computer fiddlings

Actually, I haven't gone to see fireworks on the 4th of July for years. It's not that I don't like them, I do, it's the going outside where there's foliage and insects that I have problems with.

Just finished doing a substantial overhaul on my writing webpage. Frames and JavaScripty fun.

Watched Trading Places last night, the movie with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. Matthew has been waiting and waiting for it to come out on DVD. As soon as he saw it was available on Amazon, he ordered it. It came really quick too. Much fun. And Jamie Lee Curtis' breasts.

Had another Angel Season 1 viewing fest on Thursday with Kristin, a (fellow) rabid Spike fan. She'd never seen the Angel S1/Buffy S4 cross-overs, even though one of her favorite Buffy seasons is 4. One really needs to see those cross-over episodes in order to get the full umph of the relationship arc. We watched something like nine episodes of Angel S1 straight. Now I can't wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD! And James Marsters is going to be at Dragon*Con. Rrrrr.

We emptied out and powered down the hot tub for summer. It's just way too hot to use, even with the air conditioner on (the little A/C unit in there is a trooper but it's really not up for the task). It's rather sad, the hot tub all empty and forlorn. Poor thing. We'll fill it up and again when it cools down in Fall.

Matthew and I also spent several hours troubleshooting on the computer. After the Comcast transition, we noticed a really dramatic drop in performance--huge lags in response time to the point of madness. We ran a diagnostic at PC Pitstop and it flagged our CPU as running at 100%. Weird. And yikes. After a lot of trial and error (and watching the System Monitor react as we tried different things) we discovered that it's the scanner. Our scanner software loads on startup and we think that whatever transition software Comcast ran for the switchover is in contention with some memory or resource that the scanner software uses. Unfortunately, we can't turn off the scanner automatic startup unless we update the registry and neither Matthew nor I wants to muck with that. But at least we have a workaround. Boot-->wait for scanner software to load-->close out of scanner software. Voilà. Not happy with it. But at least we isolated the problem. And the strange thing is that the scanner still works. We can manually start it and scan stuff, but as soon as it launches, our performance time plummets and our CPU usage spikes to 100% again. Stupid computer brain.

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