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Banner/Linkback project

To: All the writers on my friends list who have websites and/or think a link to promote their work or themselves on my website would be spiffy.

One of the writers groups I'm in started a flurry of banner and linkback activity and since I just went through this ISP switchover to Comcast, I thought I'd take the opportunity to update my writing homepage.

So, anyone interested in doing a link exchange?

mouseferatu, I've already got your back. But if you make a banner, toss it my way so I can post it.

And I've got your Four and Twenty Blackbirds banner up, cmpriest.

Here's my writing links page if y'all want to see:

And for my shameless self-promotion side of things:

My banner:

Although I'm happy with just a text link too. If you want to link me as just a friend then please use this URL: If as a writer then this one:

Promote promote promote.

Oh, and Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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