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Sunday AM - Hugh Grant, weight loss

After I powered down the computer last night, finished writing for the day, we watched Bridget Jones's Diary on DVD. I'm such a sap for good romantic comedies, and this one was such a fun one. And now I'm feeling on a Hugh Grant kick. Mmm, Hugh Grant. Yummy. I now wanna see Notting Hill again and Sirens. Maybe I can convince Matthew to have a Hugh Grant-a-thon today. Popcorn, Hugh Grant, hubby, skunk. Sounds like the makings of a good Sunday.

We didn't see Two Weeks Notice when it came out. Now I'm wondering if it was any good. Maybe we'll rent it.

In happy news, I stepped on the scale this morning and it informed me that I've lost three pounds. Quite pleased about that. This is the first dieting I've done where I haven't particularly increased my cardio activity. In the past I did a huge amount of exercise to lose weight--aerobics (which, incidentally, I hate, but I just happen to hate less than most other exercises), dance, yoga, etc.--but this year I'm too damn lazy/sick/busy to get a regular exercise program organized, so I'm just cutting calories. I know that doesn't work as well. I'm just losing weight, not toning muscle, and I'm not doing anything good for my metabolism this way. Actually, I had doubts whether it would work at all since I know how important exercise and increasing one's metabolism is when it comes to losing weight. But it is indeed working.

Three pounds down, four to go. Then I'll be back at where I was before last year's holidays. I'm aiming to lose those extra pounds by Dragon*Con so I'll be able to lace my corset without any extra space in the back.

It's important to have goals . . .

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