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Saw a matinée showing of Finding Nemo yesterday. There were a lot of kids at it. Yes, I know: animated film from Pixar, G-rated, afternoon showing. I did indeed realize beforehand that there were going to be a mass of kids. For the most part, they were well behaved. But the one or two that insisted or screaming or crying throughout the movie were a bit rough on my overall viewing enjoyment. But, at least I didn't have anyone kicking the back of my chair for the whole show.

Nemo was beautiful. Pixar really has their act together when it comes to breathtaking animation. And I really liked their sensibilities when it came to human behavior. We're callous and unthinking towards animals! Yes, we are! Overall, Nemo is a sweet and charming flick. I recommend it to anyone who has a smidgen of whimsy left in their jaded, cynical souls.

We are out of coffee filters. Calamity! Catastrophe! Not a good thing! I'm eying the coffee beans, wondering how they'll taste eaten straight and not coated in chocolate. Blargh. We'll definitely need to make a coffee filter run.

My new clonazepam meds are fun. Yep, they're fun. I took my dose late last night and then worked on updating my writing webpage (no, I didn't code anything funky). After an hour or two, I got up to go wooze and giggle at Matthew. An hour after that, I tipped over and fell asleep. But there was some time in there where I was light-headed, euphoric, and giggly. So hurray for something amusing coming out of all the stupid meds I'm taking. I'm still a little wobbly now. And without my coffee I'm not sure how long it may last. But at least it's a fun wobbly. Wheee.

Did three more passes on the new story yesterday. Managed to cull around 300 anti-words. It's still longish, hovering at that border between short story and novelette, though. Sigh. I do tend to write to that length, the 7-8K death count. Oh well. I like the story. That's the important thing.

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