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Weekend update

Saw Down With Love. It was fun, but nothing to write home about. Also watched Dracula 2000 on DVD last night. Again, fun but nothing overwhelming. Except the actor they got to play Dracula was yummylicious.

Last Wednesday (the 28th) was the first anniversary of Hobkin's adoption. The little fuzzwit has been with us for a whole year now. Goodness but he's changed our life! This week has been somewhat hectic so we didn't get a chance to celebrate it properly, so we're going to get a cake this weekend. Something non-chocolate so he can have a (small!) sliver of it and maybe even a little (very little) bit of ice cream. Yes, we're going to feed our pet sugar because what he really needs is a sugar high. Heh. Well, it's only once a year . . .

Finished re-reading Kurt Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan. I like his glib, off-the-cuff style, but I think I'm going to stop my Vonnegut kick here. I think his storylines are too fragmented to be a good influence on my own. As is, plotting is my mega weakness. I don't need encouragement to just end a story in some odd place and go "finis!" Although to be fair, Sirens ended much better than Slaughterhouse-Five.

I need to read more Harlan Ellison. Again, not great with the plots, but the man nails emotions like none other. On the plotting front, I keep thinking I should read some mysteries, but I just don't know where to start.

In other writing-related news, I've only received four crits so far of the story I have up for review at Critters this week. Sigh. Longer works just do not get the same lovin that shorter ones do. (Edit: a minute after I made this entry, Critters sent me three more crits. MPC karma, woo!) But to make up for it I'm going for another MPC. In the process of doing shotgun critiques, I read the most amazing story that I think I've ever seen in the queue. (It's #8058 for any Critters who might want to crit it this week.) It was a fusion of old mythologies and magic with a fresh twist and a modern setting. Very nice. It's exactly the sort of fantasy I go ga-ga over. I'm quite jealous of this author's technique, style, and imagination. She didn't have a Critters bio so I don't know what else she's published, but I can't imagine that someone who writes as well as she does isn't.

Back to critiquing . . .

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