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Day 3 of my 4-day weekend

We watched the movie Amelie on DVD last night. What a quirky, charming movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it was the first French movie I've seen where the theme wasn't "love is futile and then everyone dies."

Also went for another lovely walk with Matthew last night. I'm so out of shape. I'm actually sore from that piddly amount of exercise. Faugh.

And I think (I hope) that my allergic reaction might've been to something I got into contact with outside on Friday instead of my new med. The reaction appears to be going away, something it wouldn't do if it was systemic rather than contact. I guess that's a good thing, although I can't imagine what I could've gotten into on our walk. We pretty much stayed on sidewalks. Of course, I've often said that I was just plain allergic to the outdoors, so it could've just been me exposed to outside air that did it. Ffft. So I think I will be taking my weekly dose of med tonight and then we'll see if I keel over and die from it. If I do, I'm allergic to it. If I don't, maybe it was that maple leaf that brushed against my face . . .

In other news, there's a Dragon*Con staff meeting today. Been in communication with some folks in my DC2K writers group and so far two of them are volunteering to be on our Daily Dragon staff. Neat. It'll be fun working with them.

And Hobkin continues to be clingy, but hasn't been sick again. Hurray! But I'm still mystified by his reoccurring tummy problems.

Writing-wise: about 500 words. Not a big writing day yesterday.

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