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Day 2 of my 4-day weekend

Got an email from one of the editors of the Blasphemy anthology this morning that almost gave me a heart attack:

"Hi Eugie,

I've just posted this notice on my site about BLASPHEMY and as you're a contributor I thought I'd send it to you as well:

Important Notice: Due to financial problems Short, Scary Tales Publications will no longer be co-publishing BLASPHEMY; the anthology will now be solely published by Massacre Publications."

My brain froze after "will no longer be co-publishing" and I thought "oh, no! My story's homeless again!" but then I kept reading and saw that the anthology is still on track, just with only one publisher. Whew.

In a concerted effort to get back on the dieting/weight loss track that I resolved to do at the beginning of the year and then promptly didn't, Matthew and I went for an hour-long rambling walk last night. Perfect weather for it, right at twilight when it's still light enough to see, but the sun's low enough not to be troublesome, and the air's cool and soft. I'd like to make it a regular sort of thing, but I'm pretty horrible at establishing any sort of exercise activity in my daily routine and Matthew's even worse at it than me. We'll see. But it was still a nice walk.

And I think I might be showing allergy symptoms to the new med I'm on. Dammit. Now I'm not sure now if I should take the next dose on Sunday. Crap. I feel like I'm spending more times having allergic reactions or recovering from allergic reactions than I am not. That can't be healthy.

Hobkin hasn't sicked up again since yesterday. He has been very clingy, though, so I think he might be feeling a bit unhappy still. Poor little guy.

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