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This week has got to be better than last

Matrix: Unloaded (no spoilers, just vague commentary) was shiny, black vinyl, escapist goodness. Although I really did get the feeling that I was watching a bridge piece between movies one and three, much like seeing The Empire Strikes Back. I also think almost all the action scenes tended to go on for a couple measures too long, but it wasn't an egregious issue. I still greatly enjoyed it, although I have a feeling that I really need to see what they're going to do in Matrix: Revolution before I can form a positive or negative opinion about the overall Matrix storyline. It'll either be really amazing, fantastic, cyberpunk or it'll be fluff like I find a lot of anime--pretty, but contentless, and occasionally somewhat bewildering.

Also re-read Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. It inspired me to try something in a new direction with my writing, style-wise, that I've never tried before. Sort of a glib, almost spartan tone. Very slipstreamy. I'm 3000 words into a new story. The words flowed as smooth as soapy water over linoleum. Don't know how long the rest of it's going to be, but I hope it comes as easily as the beginning did.

I'm feeling better this week. Although I suspect part of that is that I forgot to take my half-a-weekly dose of my new med yesterday PM and so took the whole dose today with breakfast and lunch. The impact on my mood has undoubtedly therefore been postponed. Or maybe it won't happen at all. Positive thinking. Rah.

In any case, this week has to be better than last week.

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