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Mother's Day and Lunantishee

Happy Mother's Day/Lunantishee everyone!

I slept in today. Didn't get up until nine. Woot! Well, it's an accomplishment for me.

One of the engines in our hot tub was making some really loud whirring noises, so we called the store that sold it to us and they sent someone out. It's still under warrenty so we didn't have to pay anything, but we were pinned in the house until the repairman came by. It's all fixed now, but I wanted to go out and do some shopping yesterday, and that didn't happen.

We did treat ourselves to a dinner out at a little Italian place nearby. I believe it's called Ippolito. Had white pizza and black and white cake for dessert. Yummy.

Came home and watced Dave, the movie with Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. Fell asleep during it with both Hobkin and Matthew snuggled against me, all warm and safe. Mmm.

Got an email invite to a Memorial Day picnic that the local Mensans are having. Guess here's our chance to get together with them. Erm.

Didn't get any more writing done yesterday, but I'm trying not to force word count.

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