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critiquing critiquing critiquing and Lost Sock Memorial Day

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day, everyone!

Did about eight critiques on Critters. Got several more ear-marked for today or tomorrow (including yours britzkrieg!) Got a "thank you" note back from one of the people whose stories I critiqued that basically said "thanks but I don't do rewrites." WTF? What's the point of using a critique group if you don't rewrite? And this whole "I don't do rewrites" thing is really hitting my eyes-rolling reflex in any case. I mean are there any professional writers who don't appreciate the value of a rewrite? *snort*

In other news, Hobkin was quite a wild thing this morning. After breakfast he pawed at my legs wanting to get picked up, and then when I picked him up, he'd wiggle and squirm until I put him down. Lather, rinse, repeat. And once when I put him down, as soon as his paws hit the carpet he went charging forward willy-nilly right into the coffee table, bonk. Silly animal. Did that knock some sense into him? No, of course not. He went charging around the house, stomping and tail up. He pulled down some printouts and shredded a manuscript page before I rescued it, tugged at my dangling purse strap so it fell off the table for him to savage, and dug at the entertainment center, trying to open the doors we've got a baby lock on. But eventually he tuckered himself out, came to me to get picked up, and flopped asleep. So now I'm pinned at the computer with him snoring in my lap. He looks like a fuzzy little angel now. I can hardly believe he was such a demon beastie just a short while ago. Heh.

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