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Did anyone else feel the earthquake that hit the Southeast this morning?

It was just shy of 5am (EST) and Hobkin was asleep in my arms. He woke up and scrabbled down, which woke me and Matthew up. I followed Hobkin as he scampered to his area in the kitchen, and then he just stood there, with his little eyes all wide and his tail straight up. Small things often spook the fuzzwit, so I didn't think much of it, until the rattling started.

It was a very small quake as far as they go. Matthew and I exchanged "did you feel that?" and "was that a quake?" dialogue, and made some tentative moves to retrieve Hobkin and find a doorway to stand in. But it ended before we got ourselves much beyond "maybe it's a big truck passing by?" Huh. I didn't even realize we were close to a fault. Goodness.

Apparently skunks, like other animals, can sense earthquakes before they happen. Neat. And weird.
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