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Thomas Becket and My Man Godfrey

dude_the's leaving today. His plane departs late this afternoon. Time for everyone to return to their regularly scheduled routines. Pook.

We went to the Shakespeare Tavern last night to see a non-Shakespeare play: Murder in the Cathedral by T.S. Eliot. About the martyrdom of Thomas Becket, I didn't realize it was going to be a musical. *Blink* It was, however, much better as a musical than it would have been as a straight reading of T.S. Eliot. The first act was a little slow, but the second act made up for it. And I liked the dancing.

Next week, I believe, we're going to see their production of Salome which will also have dancing in it, I assume. Not a Shakespeare play again. And the Tavern has been branching out with the whole song and dance thing of late. Coolness.

When we got home, we pulled out a bunch of DVDs to watch. I only made it through My Man Godfrey, a movie I've always loved, but forget that I've seen until I watch the opening again. Hmm. My brain is strange. Matthew and dude_the may have also watched The Man Who Knew Too Little and Support Your Local Sheriff. Actually, I'm certain they watched the former as I was still awakeish for some of Too Little but am not so sure 'bout the latter.

Going to wake them both up in a couple hours. Early for them (I'm surrounded by night critters), but dude_the needs to get back into a diurnal routine for work next week. Maybe we'll go out to The Flying Biscuit for breakfast. Scrambled Tofu, yum.

Writing Stuff:
Very little progress on the writing front. I have a hard time writing when we have company. Just can't find the time to do it. I suppose I could do it during these mornings when everyone's asleep, but I don't. So I've had something of an extended hiatus.

But I've got an idea for a story pinging around in my head. Perhaps I'll get a start on that this week.

Rejections recently from:
Polyphony 3 (WAH!), Alchemy, ELP, and Flesh & Blood. Both say-nothing forms and personal notes in the mix.

I'm jonsing for another sale. A lot. I'd feel pretty dejected overall, except that I'm in correspondence with a fellow Critter and he's doing an informal poll to see how many rejects published writers he knows have gotten before their first sale. I told him my number (twenty-two) and asked to see his results when they were all compiled. He misunderstood my request and thought I was asking how many he, personally, has accumulated so far. He estimates his rejects are piling in the 130 to 140ish numbers with no sale yet. So, on that scale, my rejection pains aren't so agonizing. It's all about the perspective I suppose. But I'm still champing at the bit for another "yes" to take the sting out of all the "no"s. Sigh.

Sing little stories! Sing your little hearts out!

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