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Rewriting and eye drops

Matthew did first reader duties on my 6000+ word fantasy and my 2000 word Chinese-flavored fairy tale. From his comments, I think it makes more sense to polish the fairy tale and throw it up on Critters this week with my MPC instead of the fantasy. The rewrite on the fantasy piece is going to be a substantial undertaking--something I plan to get cracking on today. From his suggestions, I'm thinking of knocking off a third of it with at least that much needed in new prose. The story's going to need to go in a completely new direction, which is good, as I wasn't happy with the Macro at all. But I'm a little daunted by the magnitude of the rewrite.

Saw the Ophthalmologist on Thursday. I haven't been able to wear my gas perm lenses for weeks without them hurting me. My eyes are very, very dry. He says I probably don't blink enough since I work in front of a computer day in and day out, and when I'm not doing that, I'm reading. Glarg. So he gave me a prescription for a new eye-drop product which is supposed to be some sort of breakthrough on the dry eye front. Sigh. So yesterday I learned how to put drops in my eyes. Until now, Matthew's always helped me if I needed to put drops in my eyes, but if I need to do it a couple times a day, it's too silly for me not to learn how myself. So I did. And it was messy, wet, and cold. But I did it. I'm a big girl now.

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