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Thursday PM

1000 more words on that Chinese-flavored fairy tale I started. Fork stuck in. It's done. Or at least the zero draft is. I'm going to have Matthew do a once over on it, and then use my MPC to bump it up to Critters next week. 'Course that's probably a questionable use of my MPC since as soon as I do the rewrite on that, I'll officially be bottlenecked. I've already got a new submission at Cricket that (if all goes well) I won't hear anything from for around three months. So I won't be able to send this one out for months, plus the story after it in the queue is another juvenile audience oriented fairy tale. So that's at least a six month log jam right there. Dammit. I wish there were more top-paying youngster-fiction markets.

Matthew had to go to a homeowner's association meeting tonight, so it's just me and Hobkin for a few hours. At first, I thought Hobkin was going to run amok and I'd have to go chasing him around the house. He gave every sign of being frisky as he lunged at Matthew's shoes, stomped at both of us several times, and generally freaked out when the garage door opened, but apparently that was a lot of excitement for him. I picked him up when I sat down at the computer and he's completely crashed out now. Yup. He's a lap skunk.

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