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Daylight savings

We lost an hour into the aether today. Hate it when that happens. For the last several government-mandated time fluxes, I've been awake for the switchover, and this one was no exception. Many cups of coffee to tickle the fancy of my writing muse kept me awake past my usual bedtime.

But usually on Saturday PM in the past we'd have people over for Matthew's tabletop role-playing game, and those tended to run late into the night. Hence the awake for daylight savings. But we haven't had a gaming group since we moved to Georgia.

Makes me nostalgic and maudlin. I miss the people we used to game with, and I miss Matthew's RPG. He ran that for over ten years straight, weekly gaming sessions with a core, dedicated group with only some small changes in personnel over that period of time. We got into a very comfortable role-playing zone where we had a good idea of the style and gaming proclivities of each other as players. I miss it.

Writing stats:
Not even enough to put away behind an LJ cut. Just shy of 1000 words on a Chinese-flavored fairy tale. Did a lot of research on obscure Chinese traditions and customs. Confucius was a misogynistic pig. But then, at that time period, who wasn't?

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