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More writing stats

Here & Now updated its website. I’ve now got a “fiction from” credit for issue #5, although the editor has pushed back the expected publication of that issue from August to September. Z’okay. A month difference doesn’t mean much one way or another in the publishing world.

Also got the zero draft of my new fairy tale re-written to first draft status and tossed it up to Critters. And I also completed the 6600-word short story that I’ve been working on that just up and died about 500 words shy of the finish. Slammed some coffee and forced those 500 words out. Finally. It’s rough, even for a zero draft, but I’ll subject Matthew to it and see what he thinks. I’m thinking that it’s more important to finish something and then smooth as needed, then to fret over how rough it is and leave it hanging. Also completed another 2000-word fairy tale. Sort of. I’m not quite prepared to call it zero draft yet, as the ending needs another sentence or two to pull everything together, but its done enough to call it cooked.

Wow. Three finished works of fiction this week. Neat.

Now I just gotta roll up my sleeves and get cracking on that stupid (and utterly unpublishable) novella.

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