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This has been a good weekend

I just got an acceptance email from a newish British magazine called Here & Now. They're buying my short story "When the Lights Go Out." Two fiction sales in a row in the same weekend!

They're paying me in pounds. I'm not quite sure how to manage the exhange from pounds to dollars, but I'll figure something out.

The issue my story is slated for is the August 2003 one.

In other news, Hobkin has learned a new trick. And apparently he's still growing, even if it's just a wee, little bit. Usually, things placed on top of the coffee table are (were) fairly safe from his grasping paws if put close to the middle of the table. Last night, we had Kristen, a wonderful person Matthew met on the Buffy Board he frequents who lives in Athens, over for gabbing and various Buffy/Angel viewing. I had just poured everyone a round of soft drinks, and I stepped back into the kitchen for a moment when Hobkin took that opportunity to latch his paws on the edge of my glass full of pink lemonade, and dump it. Fortunately, he didn't pull the glass down on top of himself, but he did manage to drench himself and the carpet. And then he began happily helping Matthew and I clean it up. He was quite miffed when I wiped him down and locked him away. Silly, lemonade-flavored skunk. Fortunately, it was diet, so everything isn't all sticky now.

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