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Saturday AM

Hobkin's asleep in my lap making little skunkie snoring sounds. It's terribly cute. Last night I fell asleep on the couch and he crawled up on the cushion I was using as a pillow and slowly edged his way into my arms. He and I slept with him playing teddy skunk for hours, until he suddenly rolled over and fell off the couch. Poor little guy. He landed on his feet and was totally unhurt, but I looked down to see him standing there with a dazed, perplexed look about him. I reached down to pick him back up, but he squiggled away and ran off to sulk under his hutch. I think he blamed me for his plummet. Silly beastie. But apparently he's forgiven me this morning.

Yesterday we went out after dinner to pick up some more Ostara decorations (doesn't everyone celebrate Ostara?). Our timing couldn't be worse. Apparently a tanker truck overturned on I-85 across all lanes in one direction, and the overflow bottlenecked the roads for miles around. A twenty-five-minute drive turned into two hours. Gah.

I just noticed on the Phobos site that there's links set up for a "signing tour" for the anthology (that go to a "coming soon" sort of message when clicked). That implies that they're planning such a thing for this release. They had one for the first anthology, so I shouldn't be surprised. But I've never been on a signing tour. What if I sit down to sign and no one shows up?

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