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Eugie Foster

First Week of Radiation: No Superpowers, No Insurance Coverage, and Tumor Coming Back

So we’re nearly at the one-week mark of starting radiation treatments and I have yet to see any superpowers. Dangit.

We also got a letter from our insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, informing us that they are denying coverage for my radiation treatments because it “does not meet the criteria of ‘medical necessity.’”

I have cancer. The tumor being irradiated is aggressive, as in incredibly fast growing. Where, exactly, is the dearth of “medical necessity”??

Obviously, we’re appealing.

And on the aggressive and fast-growing front, I can feel the tumor beginning to come back from where the chemo knocked it down. Right now, it’s just an uncomfortable pressure in my palate and against my last upper-right molar, but I remember this feeling. It will become blindingly painful in a matter of days unless the radiation overtakes it and starts pummeling it back again.

The radiation is slowing it. I don’t need painkillers yet, at least. In April, at this many days out after I finished with my R-CHOP chemo regimen, I was already taking daily painkillers and starting to ramp up the doses. And it was a week later that I went into the hospital for the first round of R-ICE chemo, needing dilaudid to manage the agony.

It’s a race to see if the radiation can hammer it back faster than the tumor can grow to a debilitating size. There’s no way we can stop in order to argue with Blue Cross Blue Shield about whether my radiation treatments are a “medical necessity.”

I have much fury, distress, and outrage.

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