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More Trifusion Catheter Fun (or “How ‘n heck do I shower with this thing??”) and N

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Went to work today, hurray!

And had my first shower this morning after having my trifusion catheter installed. That…didn’t go so well. The nurse from the hospital supplied us with a packet of these plastic adhesive shower shields to stick over the dressing so it wouldn’t get wet. She told us to use two of them overlapping and to try to keep the area from direct spray.

Two. Overlapping. Avoid direct spray. Check.

Problem is, where the catheter is installed–in my upper chest–it’s all bends and curves. I plastered the plastic shield thing firmly around the dressing, but it gaped and let water in almost immediately, every time I shifted my right arm. Had to truncate my shower and have Matthew help me do an emergency sterilizing and re-dressing of the catheter.

How the hell am I going to be able to shower and keep the catheter’s dressing dry?? Gah!

Tomorrow we begin the fun, fun adventure of daily self-injections of Neupogen. Neupogen will increase my white cell counts but more importantly, it will stimulate stem cell production–which is vital because I’m slated to have them harvested next week for my transplant.

Matthew and I both received training on how to stick me. We’ll see how that goes. I’m betting I’ll be better at injecting me than he will.

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On May 6th, 2014 10:00 pm (UTC), threeoutside commented:
Tell him, "Courage, Pippin!"

Really, you are so brave. I'm agog with admiration. Why do doctors'/nurses' instructions so often fail utterly in real-world situations? It's aggravating. Good luck, I'm sure you'll figure out some approach that will do the trick.

Best wishes, sweetie!
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