Eugie Foster (eugie) wrote,
Eugie Foster

In the Hospital for Round 2 of R-ICE Chemo

Back in the hospital for round 2 of this cycle of R-ICE chemotherapy. Had to have a blood transfusion: two units of O+. I expected to have another allergic reaction, as I have for both platelet transfusions I’ve received so far, but the pre-transfusion meds of Benadryl, Tylenol, and hydrocortisone seem to be doing the trick. No allergic reaction. *crosses fingers*

Huge thank yous and big virtual hug to everyone who’s asked if they could directly donate blood to me. I’m O+, which means I can only receive O+ or O- blood products, but more than that, I’m a transplant patient with a really messed up immune system. There’s extra persnickety screening and matching requirements for anything I receive, making it terribly unlikely I’ll be able to use folks’ directly donated blood products, plus everything I receive needs to be irradiated, which is done off-site.

So between the time constraints and the persnicketyness of my blood product requirements, I can’t really accept offers of direct blood donations. However, I really do encourage everyone to donate to the general pool if you can. It’s because of awesome folks like you that I can get all the various blood transfusions I’m having to receive. *HUGE hugs*

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