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Sunday, sans party

The Fantasm meeting went well. Lots got talked about, things got accomplished. I liked seeing people and getting a chance to touch base.

Then we went home to feed Hobkin and us. The meeting was at four (although Matthew mis-read the email and we were an hour early--which I guess makes up for the last one when we were half an hour late) and the party was at ten. I hadn't realized it was going to start so late, although looking back, I realize that's pretty par for these sorts of shindigs. So we kicked back at home for a while, and by the time it came for us to get ready, I was feeling pretty antisocial again. Final outcome: we stayed home and watched Attack of the Clones (thanks dude_the!) on the big screen TV upstairs, and I fell asleep.


I did wake up at around 2AM and rattled off a quick short piece to a new market, so there's some virtue in not being sozzled and silly last night. And Hobkin hugged me all night, so there's another. But I feel like Weird Recluse Woman.

Maybe we'll go out to see a movie today. I think I need to get out.

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