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Overdue update

Okay, I haven't made an entry in a while. I'm still on the prednisone and it's doing a major kybosh job on my emotional equilibrium. Two and a half more months until the hydroxychloroquine is full power and I can go off the pred. Ugh. And I'm even at half the dose I started on. But, on the positive side of things, I'm healthy. No cold, no cough, and most importantly, no flare-up. 'Cept if I go off the pred, my Rheumatologist assures me that from the numbers on the barrage of tests he took, I'd flare-up immediately. Dammit.

Unfortunately, my motivation for doing anything--writing, corresponding with people, updating/reading LJ--has gone down the tube. I've begun self-medicating, mostly with caffeine although I discovered last night that alcohol works too, in order to get me out of my funk so I can function.

Great. Three months from now I'll be off the prednisone and addicted to caffeine and an alcoholic. Hmm.

But I've been feeling a bit better this week, although I still have to struggle with dips, so wanted to update my LJ. Plus, I've had some cool stuff happen.

1. Got my contributor's copies of Leading Edge and my check! Happy joy! I love seeing my name in print.
2. Found out that Orson Scott Card is indeed going to be editing this year's Phobos winner's anthology. OSC is writing an intro to my story! Squee!
3. Yesterday was Groundpig Day. No, not Groundhog Day, but Groundpig Day. It's what Matthew and I celebrate instead of Valentines Day (which is a big Hallmark foofaraw, ptoo.) Matthew met me at the door with a bunch of roses, his amazing Eggplant Parmesan baking in the oven, and glasses of wine already poured. After dinner we had a nice long soak in the hot-tub and I continued to get tipsy on wine. Hurray for Groundpigs!

Today's the Fantasm staff/director's meeting, and following that is the Fantasm party. So, I'm forced to be social, which is a good thing. I think I need something flashy and fun to get my mind out of its chemically-induced doldrums. Even though most of the time this week, all I've wanted to do is lie in bed with the covers over my head.

Stupid brain chemicals.

I also dragged myself out of my pred-induced writer's block and cranked out several thousand words on a story that I've been stewing over since last year. I finished it, but it ended up going in a much darker, rather depressing direction that I hadn't intended when I started it. Gee, I wonder why?

Going to try to catch up on my Friends List now . . . try being the key word here.

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