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Writers stats, Superbowl weekend, follow-up with Rheumatologist

Okay, had a follow-up with my Rheumatologist. It's official. My system is a mess. I don't just have Lupus. Oh no, that would be too straightforward. I have Mixed Connectivity Tissue Disease which includes Lupus in its line up. I've also tested positive for Scleroderma and Polymyositis. Sigh. On an up note, my Rheumatologist prescribed some meds (that I will have to be on indefinitely) that have a low side-effect rate and high "keep me in remission" prognosis. Which will be good once I get stabilized. But . . . dammit. Stupid physiology.

In other news, I wrote a 700-word young children's fairy tale and a 1000-word old children's fairy tale, both adapted from Japanese folktales. I'm on a fairy/folktale kick.

I can't believe the number of critiques I got from Critters. Forty-five. Yes, 45. Glah. But, for the most part, they were fairly glowing. That's a good thing. Although I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I also got officially accepted into that new writers group, which means I'm in three now. Looking forward to getting the input from this new group.

And dude_the is here! Hurray! Probably going to head out to Little Five Points later today to do some shopping. Got a note from Patrick, though. Car troubles. He won't be able to make it for our big Superbowl shindig. Pook.

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