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Bone Marrow Biopsy, Echo Cardiogram, Flowers, and Unexpected Discharge…Because Insurance

Scheduling communication was not spot on. I’ve now had the bone marrow biopsy and the echo cardiogram.

The marrow biopsy was ouchie but not agonizing ouchie. The person doing it was REALLY good. Fast and efficient, very experienced. I still yelped twice and was shaky afterward. The anesthesia jab was like that cold sensitivity you get in your teeth sometimes, except in my hip. The ouchie part was that, magnified. But again, could’ve been much worse. I was jangly from adrenalin by the time it was over, but to take my mind off it, I received another flower delivery!

2013-10-23 17.33.38

From the wonderfully talented and incredibly sweet Louise Marley

And then I got a visit by one of the doctors on my team with lots of news ranging from unpleasant to o.O. The unpleasant is that I will also need to have a spinal tap. That is something I was really hoping to go my whole life without having to experience. Uck.

The o.O was an FYI that they were discharging me…tonight.

Seems the PET scan I need to have–which was previously scheduled for tomorrow at the hospital–for insurance reasons, needs to be outpatient. A lot of o.O about that, and the doctor seemed perplexed as well, but we’ve got that scheduled for next Wednesday, so okay-fine. And also the surgical biopsy of my tumor needs to be done by my Emory ENT surgeon, who is based out of Emory Midtown. They figured it made more sense just to send me home and have it done outpatient tomorrow than try to juggle his schedule and get him over to the Emory University Hospital.

So, rather unexpectedly, I’m home now. With a prescription for big narcotics and a tender hip.

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