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Emory University Hospital Thumbs Up

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Last I heard, I’m scheduled for an echo  cardiogram this afternoon but looks like my PET scan won’t be until tomorrow. Bone marrow biopsy either tomorrow or Friday…maybe? And tumor biopsy Friday.

Aside from the uncertainty on when exactly my various tests are slated for, so far, I’ve been really impressed by my stay at Emory University Hospital. The staff has been attentive, kind, and communicative.  And either hospital food has greatly improved since the last time I had the opportunity to sample it or this place has made a great effort to provide palatable fare. They provide a menu, you phone in your order, and around 45 minutes later, it arrives. Kinda like hotel room service… almost. So far, I’ve sampled the omelette, pancakes, and cheesecake. Much better than lime Jello and steamed vegetable medley.

There’s also a recliner in my room for Matthew, although he hasn’t quite gotten the knack of sleeping in it.

Got a lovely visit from Hugme this afternoon. Was a bit fogged from morphine so wasn’t at my most coherent. But it was nice to wave and babble words which may or may not have made sense.

And received these beautiful flowers from Dragon Con. Mwaaa. Feel all warm and fuzzy every time I seem them.



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On October 24th, 2013 03:36 pm (UTC), elialshadowpine commented:
I'm so glad they're taking care of you well. That's good to hear on the hospital food; I've not been admitted but with long ER visits I've had to get food because I'm a hypoglycemic, and excepting the time where a sweetheart of a nurse parted with some of her lunch for me because nothing else was available, the food had always been dreadful. Omelette, pancakes, and cheesecake sounds much better than protein bars and cups of watered down juice.
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