Eugie Foster (eugie) wrote,
Eugie Foster

Still in a Holding Pattern

My appointment at Emory yesterday was less putting together a definitive action plan and getting questions answered and more information gathering/expanding than expected.

They took a biopsy. Actually, more like five of them, depending on how one defines a unit of biopsy. Hopefully we’ll get results by early next week.

My doctor–after a very thorough exam, reviewing my CT scan, and having a consult with other Emory specialists–outlined a list of things my cancer could be and why a definitive identification (i.e., biopsy) is necessary. It seems that lymphoma is a possibility, and if it is that, treatment wouldn’t be with surgery but with chemo, for e.g.

So, yeah, still in a holding pattern. But it’s a different, “moving forward” sort of holding pattern.

I’m feeling pretty positive. We were at Emory for nearly five hours straight (and the place is a labyrinth!), and in that time, the Emory health care folks really REALLY engendered confidence.  My doctor’s team was totally on the ball. The nurse practitioner recognized/anticipated my symptoms and asked me focused questions about them before I brought them up. I really do feel I’m in the right place to get the best care for this.

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