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Eugie · Foster's · Self-Indulgent · Musings

Tweets for the Week of 09-02-2013

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  • Codeine is GREAT! By which I mean, "I'm on the mend." Planning to go back to work tomorrow, even. 21:13:00, 2013-09-08
  • R.I.P.D: MiB without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and clever writing bits meets Ghost. So…yeah. That happened. 21:12:44, 2013-09-07
  • Dragon Con knocked me flat. Having a flare up, can barely move. If you're waiting on me for something, sorrysorry will get to it ASAP. 15:14:59, 2013-09-06
  • From Hyatt took train to MARTA parking deck. Car wouldn't start. Jammed 4 people+luggage into taxi. Home now from #DragonCon2013. I die now. 00:19:07, 2013-09-03

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