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Dragon Con 2013 Panel Schedule

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Got my (tentative) Dragon Con guest schedule:

  • “High Concept” – There is fantasy and high fantasy. Is there high SF? Fri 8/30, 1PM, Embassy A-B (Hyatt).
  • “YA Short Fiction” – Often short stories fill the gaps in between novels, or offer new character insights. Here’s how YA authors craft these bite-sized tales. Fri 8/30, 5:30PM, A707 (Marriott).
  • “Folklore in Fantasy” – Some stories are timeless, pervading the folklore and mythology of every culture on Earth; fantasy literature is no exception. Sat 8/31, 5:30PM, Embassy C (Hyatt).
  • “The Future of Fantastic Fiction” Mon 9/2, 4PM, Embassy D-F (Hyatt).

Hope to see folks there!

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