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New Short Story Ebook: The Storyteller’s Wife FREE on Amazon for Kindle

This is the last week of my reprint one-ebook-a-week summer publication schedule, and to send it up with a bang, I’m making this week’s ebook, “The Storyteller’s Wife,” available for FREE from Amazon for the next five days (from July 30th through Aug. 3rd).

“The Storyteller’s Wife” was originally published in the June, 2005, issue of Realms of Fantasy and was reprinted in French in the Fall, 2005, issue (#19) of Faeries:

Janie’s life comes crashing around her when she finds the suicide note her husband left. But when the paramedics come, it’s not her beloved Tom they wheel out on the gurney but a wooden manikin, a changeling left by the faerie folk to deceive them. What do the fey want with Tom and how can Janie get him back? To find the answer to both questions, Janie must confront the Queen of Faerie herself and make a heartrending choice.


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