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Week in review

This week has been hectic and eventful, and through it all, I’ve been sick. I can’t believe I’ve been sick for nearly two months straight. It’s terribly annoying. But, I’m on another round of antibiotics, so here’s pinning my hopes on modern medical science.

Brief update of the highlights, or lowlights as the case may be, of my week:

- Back to work after the holidays. Yuck.
- Started a new yoga session. Ouch. But in a good way. Thomas, the instructor, teased me when I explained that I’d been absent for so long because we’d adopted a baby skunk. He’s quite the character; I like him. Plus, he’s an excellent teacher. Funny thing, I’ve had more dance/martial arts/yoga instructors than I can count, but the ones I’ve always liked best are the male ones. Wonder why? But, yeah, ouch. Pissed me off to be so stiff during the sun salutation that I needed blocks for the forward bends, but by mid-session, I’d loosened up enough not to need them anymore. Makes me hopeful that I’ll get back into the groove quickly.

- New Buffy! Hurray. And it had much rockitude to it. But they still haven’t addressed the Giles thing. And next week is another re-run, dammit. But the end scene with Spike . . . ah, that’s the stuff.
- We received a phone call from Matthew’s father that the husband of one of Matthew’s cousins has died suddenly. Not much in the way of details. Sad news.

- Bubble Bath day. Yes, it was indeed Bubble Bath day. My shiny, new skunk calendar says so. Matthew met me at the door in a robe and ushered me into the master bath where there was much sudsy goodness.
- Decided to take the Sulfa that we had lying around from the last time I was sick ‘cause I knew I needed another course of antibiotics. And I wasn’t 100% sure I was allergic to it.

- I’m 100% sure I’m allergic to Sulfa. Into the doctor’s I go. They prescribe something else. I tell them to add Sulfa to the list of things I shouldn’t take. They refer me to go in for some pulmonary testing since I’ve been trying to eject my lungs for nearly two months straight.
- Matthew and I agreed to become the co-directors of the Daily Dragon for Dragon*Con as the current directors have been promoted to senior directors and need replacements for their previous positions. Aside from having to go to the director’s meeting on Saturday, we’ve started thinking ‘bout how we want to lay out this year’s Daily Dragon coordination.

- We postpone until next week our tickets to the Shakespeare Tavern to see the Saturday showing of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” because it will clash with the director’s meeting. Plus, I’ll undoubtedly enjoy it more after the antibiotics have had a week to do their work. Hopefully.

Writing stats:
- Re-wrote a story from 2001 that I’ve always liked but been terribly dissatisfied with. I haven’t sent it out to market, or to Critters, although my DC2K group has seen it. It’s a surreal, Horror/Science Fiction fusion that I thought was too cold, emotionally, although technically and conceptually sound. But I couldn’t figure out how to get more emotion into it and it’s been sitting for the last year or so. I ended up adding about 500 words and character background and development, and I like it much better now. Have a market in mind for it that doesn’t open until May. It’ll give me time to polish it up. For some reason, I don’t feel impelled to send this one through Critters. I think it’s because it’s so old and it has gone through a critique group gamut. Plus it’s not my best work. Definitely second tier material.
- Back in the saddle with my novel effort. Cranked out 2500 words on it and reviewed what I’d previously written. It’s rough, but I like it. I’m sure I’ll like it a lot more when it’s done.
- Sent in eleven critiques to Critters to earn an MPC this week. Been falling behind on my critique numbers, so it was good to get those under my belt. My folktale is coming up next week, prosewitch if you have time to look it over!

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