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Insomnia leads to bookkeeping and skunk pix on Christmas Eve

So, I planned to sleep in today. Did I? No, of course not.

The rain has been pouring out of the sky like someone with a huge bucket is up there bailing like a maniac. It's been non-stop for hours. Woke me up, woke Hobkin up. So Hobkin sprawled on my lap while I did a little end-of-year bookkeeping.

In 2002, I spent $190 on postage, marketing my writing. That's an almost 100% increase from my postage expenses last year. Yikes. Okay, I nearly doubled the number of manuscripts I have in circulation, but also, I've been trying to submit more to markets that accept electronic submissions in order to save on postage. Guess that last USPS rate hike in July really hurt. Wow.

Well, it's all tax deductible.

To cheer myself up, I followed Hobkin around with the digicam.

First off, I bribed him with an "Apple Pupover."

There's a business that had a little booth at the mall for the holiday season this year called "Brown Dog Barkery". We saw them, were curious--being always on the lookout for new treats for Hobkin--and glanced over the ingredients of these folks' dog biscuits.

Apple Pupover ingredients: whole wheat and white flours, rolled oats, apple, vegetable oil and whole eggs.

Wow. Very wholesome. So we bought a 1/2 lb bag. And Hobkin loves them!

It put him in a better mood for the camera.

Doesn't his face look sweet in this one?

And here his rugged profile . . .

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!
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